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"I love trawling SE Asian markets. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first visited them in 1988 and will make sure just about every trip abroad includes an opportunity to explore the local markets at my leisure. I always go alone, try and fit in visually and browse to my hearts content - it all goes swimmingly until I open my mouth... but then the fun begins and the questions start. I have also been a beachcomber for as long as I can remember. My dad said to me once (about our time we spent on the beach as a family (which was a lot)): "you never spent a lot of time with us at the beach (mum and dad) - you were always on the shoreline sorting it out"

This is a collection of shells from Indonesia and Australia. The lures are from Lombok and there are a couple of 'precious' items such as branch coral, a cameo and a pearl - all 'treasures' I had for years, earmarked for something special. The background documentation is a mix of old French antique legal documents - see the date of 19/08/1782, Chinese bank notes, old Australian postcards and stamps. At the time the dated French document was drawn up, the items displayed here would have been considered rare and valuable - not simply trinkets brought home from a holiday." - Gabby Malpas


Gabby Malpas

Collage of 'found' objects on sewn antique documents

Framed size: 41cm x 50cm


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