What’s the story morning glory?


Long before the Brit pop band Oasis coined their album, this was a saying my dad used to greet us with in the mornings.

Even though he wasn’t from London, a lot of the east end slang and cultural elements came with him to NZ. 

He never made it back to the UK.  I often wonder how he would find it after leaving for good in WWII.

Dad read a lot of English literature and watched most UK programs when they came to NZ.  He never stopped learning.

I recognise that my own experience in the UK was completely different to his – my background and education allowed me to work and access places that would have been denied to him. - Gabby Malpas

Gabby Malpas

Watercolour, Oil, and Gouache on Vellum Indenture document [1916]

61 x 76 cm (White Frame) 


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