Velvet Queens


This multi layered piece by Gabby Malpas incorporates stitched paper and a vintage postcard sent at the turn of the century from India to the UK that reads: 

"Dear Mother,

Will write next post"

The artist remarks that she found this extremely amusing: "Post would have taken at least a month to get to the UK from India and to read this single line was so random and unexpected, it had to go into a picture!" The sense of humour in this elegant piece takes it to another level. It's not just another "nana inspired" watercolour painting of flowers. A playful yet refined work. 

The Velvet Queen sunflowers were sourced from Hillandale Gardens & Nursery, Yetholme, NSW.  Lotus bowl on loan from the artist's sister in law with peaches from Woolworths and the blue and white vase from Epping Cottage Garden club meet sale.


Gabby Malpas. 

Watercolour, collage and pencil on sewn Indian Khadi Paper

Dimensions Framed: 50.5cm x 63cm


$95 per month*

At St Leonards

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