Tulips and Sparrow


This elegant watercolour by Gabby Malpas featuring Tulips in a blue and white Chinese vase is a stand-out piece in her collection. The bold colours and delicate brushwork in this piece reveal details to the eye as you look on. The artist works with interconnecting of artistic styles and cultural imagery to create a unique and dynamic piece that isn't your average static still life. Vibrant and full of energy this work begs to be out and seen, in a sunlit study or in the living or dining room for all to enjoy. 

This piece features Tulips from Redfern fruiterer, blue and white vase from the Epping cottage garden club meet (with a touch of artistic licence) and a Malay sarong.  


Gabby Malpas

Watercolour and Pencil on Arches Paper                                                      

75 x 50 cm


$130 per month*

At St Leonards
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