The edge of the World (Lucky Countries)

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I left NZ in 1988 and ended up in London in 1989, after travelling through SE Asia.

I’ve lived and worked all over London and know certain areas very well.  I gained an insight that you’d miss if you are only there a short time.

In 2003 I left to head home – but I’ve lived in Sydney ever since.

This  image is about the two, completely unexpected homes I’ve had.  I didn’t expect to live in the UK for so long, and neither did I expect to end up in Sydney.

I lucked out both times but I know too well that it was my NZ passport and adoptive ancestry that allowed me to stay. - Gabby Malpas

Gabby Malpas

Watercolour, Pencil, and Gouache on antique map of London

Unframed size: 26 x 37.5 cm (White Frame) 


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