Sister Sky


Medium: Digital print on Hahnemuhle natural cotton photo rag


                       41cm x 41cm (limited edition 1/15)
                       51cm x 51cm (limited edition 1/7)
                       76cm x 76cm (limited edition 1/5)

Shannon Cotterill

Created in 2015


Mother Earth series: (Aboriginal woman)
I have always felt a deep connection to the earth & her seasons. I’m at my absolute happiest when spending time outdoors in nature. It made me think about the idea of ‘Mother Earth’ and her energy If you Google the subject you will see a vast array of blonde fairy like women who have wings, who resemble pregnant tree’s, and other whimsical beings.

So who would MY Mother Earth be? What would she look like & represent?

My Mother Earth would be indigenous to this beautiful land, and I wanted to celebrate the rich culture of our Aboriginal people.

I believe in capturing as much as I can ‘in camera’, the floral sets were researched & hand built. The body art itself took around 3 hours per person; each dot & line is symbolic & has meaning to the subject. It was a massive undertaking – but I feel these images needed to be seen, needed to be celebrated.

To the indigenous ancestors of this land, I honour you.

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