Sarah's Garden III

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New Zealand born Sydney based artist Gabby Malpas finds inspiration for her work from the tastes, sights and aromas that she experiences while living here in Sydney.  Her style of working with watercolours and inks is delicate and refined to an almost Zen-like level. Her flattening of the picture plane creates a kind of dream-like abstraction to her images. 


Graduating from Otago School of Fine Art, Dunedin in 1986, with a major in ceramics, Gabby draws from love for ceramics as a nod to her original training as a potter.

Gabby’s work has exhibited in galleries across Sydney, London, and New Zealand with pieces in private and public collections worldwide.


Gabby Malpas. 

Watercolour, collage and pencil on sewn Arches paper 

A selection of flora and fauna from Hillanddale Gardens & Nursery, Yetholme NSW - in Spring

Diemnsions Framed: 62cm x 91cm


Available for view at our Oxford Street Store.
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