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"Begonias and geraniums from Alexandria, Sydney. Ginger jars from UK country fete. Teacup and saucer from the Balgowlah antiques centre. Malay sarong backdrop.
Old NZ postage stamp: eBay.

 Mum's favourite colour was blue and although we didn't have any ginger jars in the house while I was growing up, Mum did have some willow pattern plates she used for 'best'. The plants are the types that cuttings would have been collected/distributed by Mum and her circle of friends during visiting each other's houses for afternoon tea sessions.

I have included a fragment of one of her last letters to me. Mum was very good at correspondence and I got into the habit of writing regularly while I was away at college in the 80s and then wrote to mum until her death in 2011. This piece tickled me and is quite an indicator of how Mum's mind worked but also an insight into her practicality: sentimental and loving one second then brought down to earth the next." - Gabby Malpas


Gabby Malpas

Watercolour, collage and pencil on paper

Framed size: 42cm x 50cm

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