Lecia's Orchid

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This calm and restful still life features an thank you gift from a dear neighbour named Lecia, who lives a few doors down the road from the artist.

 Battling a terrible cold and feeling gloom, the 70 years young lady burst into tears after an unexpected visit from her "handsome toy boy" (her cheeky description of him). The outpouring of emotion was sealed with a long embrace of gratitude and warmth. He delivered more light meals to her over the next days, helping her to recover and become a super woman once more.

 Hand carved and quietly painted on wood panel, this painting is personal to the artist. Every time he see Lecia’s orchid on his kitchen bench, it reminds him of that special moment of connection between two good friends, amid the busy lives that are led by both of them.


Medium: Woodcut and acrylic

Dimensions: 44.5 x 62 cm


Kean Onn See

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