Dark Sea

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Anita Jokovich’s works have a deeply sensual quality. Each piece commands a powerful tranquility. The “Water Series” are an ongoing study of the form, light and temper of the ocean. Anita is an Bachelor of Arts in Design graduate of the Curtin University of Technology, Melbourne. The artist has a rich background in Art Direction for print media.

Anita uses a colour palette of mostly blues from indigo, to cerulean, mixed with deep crimson and purple – evoking a mysterious and alluring feel. There is an almost tie-dye quality to Anita’s work due to rhythmic manner in which she blends her colours and applies paint.

Anita likens her work to the perpetual movement of the ocean. Like waves, each layer is unique in its own right – allowing her paintings to take on a life of their own.


Anita Jokovich


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