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"I first went to Vietnam and Laos in 2000 - I had a very hard time in Vietnam: the locals weren't used to solo Asian travellers at the time and assumed I was a streetwalker so I got hissed at a lot and abused for my lack of Vietnamese. Other people were very kind and just curious.


Anyway, it is a beautiful place and the French influence is everywhere: the food is delicate and you can get good coffee and bread, the women are impossibly elegant and they have wide, sweeping boulevards.


This image echoes those Indian and Persian miniatures painted on old manuscript pages." - Gabby Malpas


Gabby Malpas

Watercolour, gouache and pencil on a leaf of a French land sale agreement document dated 1849, antique Australian koala stamp

Framed size: 35.5cm x 43.5 cm

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