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"Japonicas and butterflies from Hillandale Gardens & Nursery. Tapa cloth design adapted from PNG Tapa cloth design, painted onto a fragment of Antique French legal documentation

I've been identified as Asian and/or Pacific Islander for as long as I can remember. Some of the patterns and motifs in both Asian and Pasifica textile patterns seem to share the same origins though the end result is very different.

Traditional Pacific Island art is often categorised as ‘primitive’ though the techniques are complex and the skill level requirement is high.

It is interesting to note that Pacific Tapa cloth and paper invented by the Chinese both start from the bark of the Mulberry tree." - Gabby Malpas


Gabby Malpas

Watercolour, pencil and gouache on sewn Indian Khadi paper

Framed size: 50cm x 62cm


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