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Look closely at this image: on first glance it looks like a tropical jungle scene from somewhere exotic.  The crimson rosellas, passionfruit vines, begonias and elephant ears can be found in many Sydney backyards.

Most asians experience racism in their lives.  As a transracial adoptee I was more sensitive to this because growing up I didn't have the benefit of coming home to a family who looked like me or shared my experience.  Recounted incidents to adults were met with "it didn't happen to me, you must have imagined that", or "I'm sure they didn't mean it". So I grew up with much self doubt, anxiety and anger.

Please listen to us. Even if this is not your experience why doubt that it isn't ours? - Gabby Malpas

Gabby Malpas

Watercolour and Pencil on Arches Paper

97 x 77 cm (White Frame) 


$300 per month*

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