‘SURROCODELIA’ – is an amalgamation of the art and aesthetic movements – Surrealism, Rococo and Psychedelia. Victoria strives to combine concepts and evoke feelings from each of these movements. Surrocodelia is more a way of seeing than any specific imagery – in this sense it could take many forms and images. She is deeply inspired by natural history and the idea of the ‘Wunderkammer’  ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’, a concept which emerged in seventeenth century Europe as people began to collect and display objects they considered to be special, unique or exotic. These immersive environments were composed of objects that aimed to reflect and record the endless wonder of the world and inspire a sense of awe in the viewer.  Victoria states '‘SURROCODELIA’ embodies my personal ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’, which are all the things I love and collect – drawing, pattern, texture, Natural history, art history and the Australian bushland. I love the possibilities of a blank page and think reality in itself is endlessly fascinating'.
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