Secret Women's ART Exhibition

Secret Women’s ART Exhibition
Friday 24 March – Saturday 8 April 2017
Opening Night Friday 24 March 5-8pm



What emerges from a woman’s secret creative life? Secret Women’s ART is an exhibition featuring the work of 7 contemporary Australian female artists. Artists working across a range of mediums: drawing, painting, performance, textiles, encaustic, inks and digital art.


What emerges when a women creates for the sheer joy of creativity? When she is immersed in her creative expression? When she is engrossed in the contemplation and creation of the artwork before her, transporting her beyond her normal realm of existence?


This otherworldly creative zone is the secret place. The place these female artists long to inhabit for as long as they can before normal life takes over. Before their creativity gets put to the backburner for other obligations; family, domestic life, work.


The Secret Women’s ART Exhibition celebrates the creative output from this secret place. This group of women have prioritized their creative practice. Some have been creating artworks for months or even years without the work ever seeing the light of day. For some it is easy to bring their work forth into the public for others it is terrifying.


This exhibition celebrates the courage and the fearless strength of the creative Goddess within us all. It takes a brave soul to commit to a creative life, to eschew the safe and the known and pursue the souls’ yearning for authentic creative expression. Diving into a creative life is the ultimate leap of faith, jumping off the cliff into the unknown.


We invite you to join us to celebrate their secret creative journeys thus far. Exhibition opening Friday March 24 5-8pm. Exhibition open Wednesday to Saturdays 10-3pm, March 25 – April 8 2017.  100% sales go directly to the artists.




62 Atchison Street, St Leonards – 

The exhibition is part of the TWT Creative Precinct Block Party on Friday March 24 5-8pm.  Explore Australia's largest and fastest growing creative precinct.

The exhibition is part of The Secret Women’s ART Business mentoring program run by Platform72. FIND OUT MORE HERE 


Interactive Workshops
Saturday 25 March from 11:30am – Create your own artwork with Katherine Heald. Katherine works with alcohol inks, participants are able to create drawings over the top of alcohol ink paintings.


Saturday 1 April from 11:30am – Create your own artwork with Deb Keogh. Deb works with watercolour, participants are able to create their own drawings over watercolour paintings.

Saturday 8 April from 11:30am – Draw with your feet. Aude works with her feet to create large scale canvases exploring the body in movement. Participants are invited to contribute to a large canvas through painting with their feet.




Cindy Care –


Shana Danon –


Katherine Heald –


Deb Keogh –


Elizabeth Langreiter –


Sian Medill –


Aude Parichot –


Amy Withnall





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