Secret Women's ART Business Masterclass - Money for Artists


Are you like 99% of other artists and hate dealing with money?  Why can’t you just create your work and the money just flows in, right?  We wish that too!  However as much as we can dream about that idyllic situation the reality is as an artist you have to get smart about money pretty quickly.

By understanding money you can build yourself a sustainable creative career.  Having more money to invest back into materials, art prize entries, framing, exhibitions and all the other things you want to do with your life. 

In the new art world there are so many opportunities for different revenue streams for your creative endeavours.   There has never been a better time to be an artist and take complete control of your own career and finances.

Throughout this Masterclass we will investigate the nuts and bolts of money from the business side of things: pricing, working with third parties and tax.  Whilst we will cover all that super sexy business stuff, we will also dive into the internal elements at play with money.  This often never discussed aspect of money is the critical game changer for your money flow.  What subconscious beliefs do you have going on that are hindering your ability to sell your work and have money flow regularly?

This once a year Masterclass is strategically scheduled at the end of the financial year.  To help set you up both business wise and mindset wise to smash your financial goals in the 2017/2018 financial year.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • How much you need to earn
  • The differences between the old and the new art world
  • How to price your artwork
  • Understanding commission – what are you paying for
  • Working with third party sellers (galleries, websites)
  • Understanding tax status, GST, hobby artist
  • The energy of money and how to make it work for you
  • What are your specific money blocks
  • About your money glass ceiling 


$149 per person + GST – obviously tax deductible!

Can you afford NOT to do this?

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided

Seats are strictly limited



Meet Juliet Rosser

Juliet Rosser has made every money mistake in the book and has learnt the hard way…the very hard way.  Through running a gallery for 5 years she has witnessed the way artists self-sabotage themselves with their money beliefs.  She has also seen her own self-sabotaging money issues come front and centre as her business  endured difficulties as she faced her own money demons.  Her money trials through fire have made her determined to help as many creative women not make the same mistakes around money she has made.  This class is only run once a year so don’t miss this opportunity to set yourself up for an abundant financial year.


What are participants saying about our Secret Women's ART Business Masterclasses?

I got so much out of the day and the biggest thing is the confidence that I can do this! - Painter, Sydney 

Today was awesome, everything was amazing, loved it! - Sculptor, Newcastle

I found today incredibly inspiring, you are all incredible role models, thank you. - Travel Photographer, Sydney 

I am very motivated from today, can’t wait to get home and start implementing. - Encaustic artist, Wollongong

Today has just been fabulous.  Knowing that we can do this!  Everything has been very valuable. - Visual artist, Central Coast

Been fabulous, really enjoyed it, very inspiring. - Photographer, Canberra 

I learnt a lot from today. Thank you. - Performance artist, Sydney

Really enjoyed being surrounded by creative people, really special and inspiring.  I loved all of today, a big overload a lot to process, it’s all been great. - Painter, Sydney

I am so excited to have met so many motivated, creative and inspirational ladies. - Visual artist, Sydney

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