Secret Women's ART Business Masterclass - Branding for Artists


Branding for Artists with Anna Lohe

Are you a female artist who struggles to get your head around your art career being a "brand"?

You see other successful artists who are "living the dream".  They have a very strong brand identity, yet you have no idea how to create that for yourself and your practice.  You just think they must be lucky or even worse you think that could never happen to me! 

Understanding how to brand your creative practice is a powerful skill that will help you take control of your creative career.  So many artists still struggle with the idea of their art practice being a "brand".  Yet by applying the same branding concepts that big business use it can help you catapult your creative practice to the next level.

The art world is changing rapidly with technology and the artists who are "living the dream" (beyond the 1% at the top), are the ones who are in control of their own brand.  They have a strong voice, clear identity and understand who their market is.

Anna will demystify the concept of branding for your arts business. Through a series of interactive exercises she will help find your unique brand DNA.  This clarity will form the foundation for all sales and marketing efforts going forward.  An invaluable workshop for those serious about connecting with a bigger audience for their artwork. 

In this master-class you will learn:

* How to unlock the potential for ‘your brand’ a.k.a You

* How to define your brand

* How to define your target market

* Interactive session to develop your brand plan


Meet Anna Lohe

Anna is the founder of The Lohedown Consultancy Group that help brands realise their potential, via the development of marketing strategy that works.

Anna has held marketing leadership roles working with global brands brands including Unilever, Nestle, Pfizer, Microsoft, and local brands such as Woolworths, News Limited, Myer, with responsibility for budgets of over $150m.

She has over 20 years experience and is a guest lecturer at Sydney University Masters of Marketing program.

This masterclass by Anna Lohe is normally valued at $1500

But we are offering this day for $249

What do you get?

10am - 4pm Masterclass with Juliet Rosser & Anna Lohe

Morning & Afternoon Tea

All of the above Branding Super Cool Stuff, you will walk out armed and ready to uplevel your brand.

Saturday 15th July 10am - 5pm, Mosman Art Gallery


What Our Participants Say About This Masterclass

I got so much out of the day and the biggest thing is the confidence that I can do this! Sydney Artist

The best thing I learnt today was about branding, getting my image and my purpose right. Basically everything was amazing. I had no idea about so much of this before. Wollongong Artist

I loved today I thought it was great. The biggest thing I learnt today was you have to be really honest with what you are about, don’t be fearful, just put yourself out there. Sydney Artist

I’ve learnt a lot and its changed the way I think about things. Before today I was an art snob, I used to think branding was disgusting. But now I see the artists who are doing really well, they have really branded themselves. It's made me more focused. Gold Coast Artist


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