Secret Women's ART Business - mentoring for female creatives

 Are you a passionate artist and you struggle with the following:

  • Feeling isolated on your creative journey
  • Only getting feedback about your creative endeavours from family and friends
  • Getting clarity and focus about your direction
  • Lacking business skills
  • No confidence in selling or marketing your artwork

If these sound like you then the Secret Women’s ART Business mentoring for female creative may be just for you. Through years of working with artists and creative practitioners Juliet Rosser has worked with creatives at all different levels of professional practice.  Whilst we would all like to believe that if you are talented it will be enough to succeed, there is a lot more that goes into being an artist and building a creative enterprise today.

When you are thinking about starting a creative enterprise or growing your art professionally it can be a daunting and lonely journey.  Juliet Rosser has built a creative business by herself but has found the keys to success and growth was when she got outside support.  Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see where you are going or what you are doing to take your ideas to the next level.

Juliet started the Secret Women’s ART Business for artists and creative just starting out or wanting to develop their business ideas. Creatives are very passionate about what they do and sometimes this passion can thwart the need for savvy business skills.

The program is only available to a limited number of participants and is a mix of online education webinars, online Q&A sessions, one on one’s and live intensive master classes. It is designed for participants to get clarity of focus for their plans and also put in place correct business practices to ensure success. It is designed so your skills are developed and can grow at your pace.

The program will straddle business skills and also personal development skills to ensure your creative enterprise is the most authentic expression of you.

MODULES of program

The modules for the mentoring program are designed around 4 principles essential for a thriving creative career.

CREATE – being very clear about what you want to create, not only with your artwork, but your life, your vision, why you want to venture down this path of being an artist.

INSPIRE – approaching all the yucky things we need to deal with when we run our own creative enterprise from a place of inspiration. Looking at how technology can make our life much easier for finances, social media, graphic design and support staff to help you create your future.

TRANSFORM – whilst we can all have amazing intentions for what we want to achieve often we can sabotage ourselves without even knowing why. In transform we dive deeply into how you may be stopping yourself from achieving your goals. We explore ways to maximise your creative output and align your body and mind.

ENGAGE – is where we take your work out into the world engaging others with your creative gifts. This is where we learn about branding, sales & marketing, social media, writing, licensing. Establishing plans and exercises to be able to implement.

Each month a new education webinar is presented with new content constantly building on previous knowledge.

Participants interested in the program are encouraged to register here and we will be in touch to discuss the program.


What our participants say about our Mentoring Program

In terms of being an artist, signing up to this course was by far the best decision I have made other than deciding to go to art school.   I’ve enjoyed all the connections I have made, especially with my mentor Juliet. I value how well she knows and understands all the mentees as artists. The best experience so far has been that my confidence as an artist has skyrocketed through the roof!   I can talk about my work without feeling embarrassed. I know who I am as an artist and I feel so positive about my future career as an artist. And it’s only been 3 months into the program!

Resin Artist, 3 months in program


I am really enjoying the program because of its supportive and insightful nature. Juliet’s approach to art is holistic. She is also very generous with sharing her experiences and insights. So far this program has helped me reconnect to what I really desire, identify my challenges and work through them. I also really enjoy the experience of connecting with other women artists coming from very different backgrounds. There is something very powerful in this. You can relate to each other, which helps you move forward and gain confidence.

Performance Artist, 6 months in program


I have enjoyed the program immensely. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to become more accountable for my practice. I feel I am now willing to take on the business side of my art practice. Previously all I wanted was someone else to take on the business side. I now see that this is something I need to be in control off - that it is actually a strength. It has also helped me to develop a clarity and confidence with my practice that was previously lacking.

Watercolour & Oil Painter  7 months in program


I found that this program has forced me to be rather self analytical of what I’m doing and why, and to give me a clearer voice, to be able to articulate what my work is about, in turn allowing me to develop it further. I’ve also really enjoyed the community of other women artists, as being new to Sydney, I have been fairly isolated here as an artist till now.

Painter, 3 months in program


I have enjoyed meeting other artists and learning from them. I have really enjoyed learning from Juliet about what I should be focusing on. I have learnt a lot in the one day conference about licensing and branding and writing. It has been very interesting learning how to put on an exhibition. It has also opened up my eyes to opportunities I had not really considered. In addition I have received feedback on my art which has been helpful and advice on pricing my art.

Painter, 1 month in program


It has been very helpful to have advice and guidance from a business coach who knows the industry and can recommend ideas or opportunities. It has been lovely to meet other artists and work together to put on an exhibition in a short period of time. In the last month I have been exposed to opportunities I would not have had otherwise. Being in the program keeps me focused on my goals.

Designer, 1 month in program



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