"PLATFORM72 was founded on my deep belief that Life is Better with Art.  I know that creativity and creative expression is the hallmark of a fulfilled and joyous life.  I want to connect more people to the joy of living with art.  

Bringing an original artwork that has been created by another human being with their own hands, their heart and their soul into your home is a true connection to the universal creative energy.  When you connect with an artwork from a deep level it is something that will impact you and stay with you for a lifetime.  

There is nothing I enjoy more than connecting people who think they "don't know anything about art" with a work that really connects with them.  I know the art world doesn't have to be this mysterious, elite and unaccessible place.  Everyone should be able to access and live with amazing artwork.

My curatorial direction for artists joining Platform72 is based upon three criteria - the artists commitment to their practice, the integrity to their work and the quality of their work.  

I founded Platform72 in July 2012 to help showcase artists work that often doesn't get seen.  Coming from Arts school and following colleagues' careers after art school I knew how much great work gets made and then has one show doesn't sell and is relegated to the artist's studio or bedroom. I thought there had to be a way that I could help artists get this work out to the public and also support them economically so they didn't need to resort to menial jobs.  I always thought it would be better to be creating work than not.

I love introducing people to the joy of living with and engaging with art & artists. I made the gallery look like a "retail" space at the front so it had a familiar aesthetic to the public, but on closer look everything on display was a one of kind, hand made item, something made with hands, heart and soul.  Making the space less intimidating makes it easier for people to make their first art purchase.

It is important to build a healthy creative culture from the ground up, adding vibrancy and dynamism to our city.  By supporting artists financially for their work it allows their enquiry and practice to deepen.  I don't believe in art for investment, I believe art should be acquired from the heart.

If we keep supporting our artists to make work the likelihood of the work increasing in value as their career grows also increases.  I can guarantee you that if an artist goes on to win the Archibald, whilst it may be a career highlight they will always remember the first person who supported them through purchasing their artwork.

Juliet Rosser

Founder | Director

Juliet has a Masters of Studio Art (Installation Art) from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Arts (Art History & Theory, Studies of Religion and Photography), University of Sydney.  

Prior to committing to her career in the arts she was a producer of documentary films, working on shows for ABC, SBS and International Broadcasters. 

She was recently interviewed by Dynamic Business, read article here 






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