Indecent Exposure - Hugo Rourke 19 Feb to 3 March

“Uniqueness can be beautiful”

Platform 72 is proud to present Indecent Exposure, a controversial yet tasteful exploration of the nude human body in all its unique shapes and sizes.

Running in conjunction with this year’s Mardi Gras festival, Indecent Exposure will feature the photography of emerging fine art photographer Hugo Rourke. It’s a rarity in fine art nudes and mainstream photo shoots to see interesting or unusual people or bodies presented with the same execution as a high fashion model, and Indecent Exposure aims to change that:

“I wanted to photograph people who had unique bodies and who had suffered from marginalisation and objectification due to their body type and photograph them in the same poses that models are presented in high fashion magazines. In this series I applied the same photographic techniques during the shoot and in post-production that I would to a celebrity or model.”


The show features sex workers, agency models and regular people alongside one another presented in equal light; including sexual equality campaigner Norrie May-Wlby.   Norrie is a Scottish-born Australian who became the first person in the world to be legally recognised as neither man nor woman.


Having worked with magazines such as Vogue Australia and design company Dinosaur Designs, Hugo uses his expertise and experience as a fashion and product photographer to achieve impeccable lighting, excellent post production and provocative poses from his subjects.


“Basically with Indecent Exposure I wanted to explore the idea that anyone can be beautiful. Working as a photographer in the fashion industry I often found that people with unique body types are never represented to a wider audience.”


Indecent Exposure will feature large format prints available in various editions, along with a selection of smaller photographic prints.  The exhibition opens on at 6:00pm on Wednesday the 19th of February at Platform 72, 72 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.



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