Group gifting for landmark occasions

Are your friends and family stuck on what to get you for your important celebration?  

Encourage them to donate to a Super Size GIFT Certificate.  Platform72 will produce an easy to read step by step guide on how to conrtibute to your gift certificate.  This can be sent out as an email or posted to your friends and family.  Your friends then contribute the amounts they choose to your Gift Certificate.  They send us their birthday/wedding wishes and we will add all of their comments onto the certificate.  

And then you will have a large amount of money you can spend on art at Platform72 !

The cost to register for a SuperSize GIFT Certificate is $50.  Platform72 will manage all contributions and produce a SuperSize GIFT Certificate to be received 48 hours prior to your event.  

You will have 6 months to spend the money on your certificate. (Not redeemable for cash and can only be used to purchase items from Platform72). 

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