Flegg show

Looking at a canvas by artist Sophia Flegg is a vibrant – even fantastical affair. Not one to mince indiscriminately between drab or even obvious, the Newcastle painter’s love for blasts of acrylic madness and spray painted neo urban street art grandeur often reveals colour as a visual representation of the moods and vibes of her subjects.

Near-caricatures of musicians, writers, animals and friends offer a revealing insight into not only a projection of the subject’s identity and focus, but also the feeling Sophia takes from them.
The 26 year-old began painting professionally from a very young age, after garnering interest from Japan before her teens. Later, after a knock back from an Art School in Melbourne, chose to backpack throughout Europe for six months instead – taking pages from the tapestry of mediums overseas.
Recently her own hometown gallery, The Woods, has allowed Sophia to focus her love of using acrylics, oils, ink, spray paints and recycled products to bring to life her own colourful interpretations of the world and the things she loves.

Read a review of Sophia's show here.
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