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PLATFORM72 provides spaces for artists to display and sell their work. We work with emerging to mid career artists who have a professional approach and a deep commitment to their practice.

We have one "bricks and mortar gallery" and an online gallery. We operate a different kind of gallery space aimed at connecting new art buyers to the joy of engaging with contemporary art in their home. Having a broad cross section of works at different price points enables many first time art buyers to start on the journey of collecting art.

The gallery was founded in 2012 by Director, Juliet Rosser who knew how much artwork hides in artists' studios and should be made available for the public. She has tried to make exhibition spaces that are more accessible and friendlier than the normal white cube.

We want to foster long term relationships with our artists. We want to grow and develop together, knowing that success in the arts can take a long time. We also want to work with people that we like, life is far too short to work with people that are hard work!

We expect a lot from our artists as we expect a lot from ourselves. In this digital age, we need you to produce high quality imagery of your works and to understand the basics of digital images. We also need you to understand the basics of operating your art practice as a business, (things like invoicing, GST, etc.) which are critical to your long term success.

We pride ourselves on operating with ethics and integrity, all of our galleries are staffed by paid professionals. We want to build a sustainable creative business for all we work with, something that gives back to our local culture, this is something we are deeply committed to.

If we sound like the right fit for you and your practice, then please submit above. Please note that we do not accept everyone and we will need to have a face to face meeting or skype chat prior to committing to working with you.

Good luck with your creative future!

What some of our artists say about us:

Gabby Malpas:

"I have appreciated the level of professionalism provided by Juliet and her team. They have a good process in place and are consistent with their practices. Platform72 are remarkably well-connected and are also extremely active in their communication and marketing. I have also noted Platform72's ethos of honesty and integrity.

As an exhibiting artist since 1987, it is wonderful to be working with such a dedicated and knowledgable team who have put a lot of work into promoting my art and products. I wish them all the best and look forward to many years working together."

Niki McDonald:

"Platform72 is accessible, dynamic & professional." 

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