The Number One Rule For Buying Art

The Number One Rule For Buying Art

I have worked with thousands of people to bring art into their home, many of them first time art buyers.  Every time they begin to dip their toe into the art world, they come up against the same problems:

* They are worried they will make a mistake, will I like the artwork in years to come?  

* What if it doesn't work in my house?

* What if my husband doesn't like it?

Then they are concerned about the cost.  Art can be very expensive.  They begin to question why they should spend that much money on an artwork and they worry about whether it is a good investment.

And then the whole exercise of buying art can be difficult - visiting galleries can be very intimidating, expensive prices, snooty gallery owners making you feel like a second class citizen.  So it all becomes way too hard and you end up buying a cheap fake artwork from some design shop, that is soulless and ends up going on the curb for council clean up.

It can be very depressing when all you want is a great artwork that you will cherish for a long time and that will add real heart and soul to your home.  So many art dealers try and tell you about the investment value of an artwork, which in some cases can be true.  But for me that misses the whole point of art.  Art is about the aesthetic enjoyment of a work.  The thrill it gives you each morning, the way its ideas and concepts grow with you as you age, the way it becomes part of your family, something that is always around as a dear friend who witnesses your life.  

I love this quote by David Bowie explaining his relationship to art:

Art was, seriously, the only thing I’d ever wanted to own. It has always been for me a stable nourishment. I use it. It can change the way that I feel in the mornings. The same work can change me in different ways, depending on what I’m going through. For instance, somebody I like very much indeed is Frank Auerbach. I think there are some mornings that if we hit each other a certain way — myself and a portrait by Auerbach — the work can magnify the kind of depression I’m going through. It will give spiritual weight to my angst. Some mornings I’ll look at it and go: “Oh, God, yeah! I know!” But that same painting, on a different day, can produce in me an incredible feeling of the triumph of trying to express myself as an artist.

Frank Auerbach’s “Head of J.Y.M. III,” from 1980.

Credit:Frank Auerbach, Marlborough Fine Art, British Council Collection

So when you are going to bring this dear friend into your home who will stand the test of time, the only rule you need is this one - you love it.  When you love an artwork it is speaking directly to your soul.  The energy of the artist which has been captured in the work is connecting with your energy, it can sound all mystical and woo woo, but that is what real art is, it has soul, it has energy it has life force.

Many of my clients tell me about the "one that got away", the artwork they fell in love with, but were too cautious to take the plunge and then regretted it ever since. They carry its image in their heart longing for the one that got away, always looking for that work that is similar but never quite finding it.

For someone who is just dipping your toe into purchasing art for your home even the concept of loving an artwork can be difficult to understand.  That is why you have to begin your art journey with an open mind and an open heart.  

At Platform72 we can help guide you on your Art Journey.  Book a Discovery Session with us in the gallery or in your home, to let us help you discover what you like and what you LOVE.  


 A Discovery Session is the first step in our C.U.R.A.T.E.D Process - find out more here.

* please note a Discovery Session costs $250 for the visit.  This is redeemable on purchases made on artwork in the gallery once $2500 has been spent.  


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