Robbi Wymer's Latest Artwork

Robbi Wymer's Latest Artwork

What's the inspiration behind your latest art, "The Ladder of Creation"?

I live in an environment filled with bird life. I cannot help but be inspired by their beauty. After reading sections of Darwin's Descent of Man (and watching Bronowski's 1973 BBC TV series The Ascent of Man), I was intrigued by the homology i.e. similar skeletal structures, of the forelimbs of humans, bats, birds, cats, and porpoises, suggesting a common ancestor.

What makes us so unique is our dexterous hand working in partnership with the imaginative and creative brain 'The hand is where the mind meets the world' (National Geographic 2012).  

In this artwork I wanted to explore the question; what if we had transformed differently and evolved with wings? Where would we be today, flying free or restrained by the fear of what is ahead of us? That is the nature of the human imagination. On another layer, this work reflects one's personal evolution over a lifetime, i.e. a flight in search of one's true nature, purpose and potential, a journey which may often be restricted by time, money, duty and social responsibility. The symbols on the woman's hands represent the words sun and moon in Hiragana, Japanese syllabary.

Robbi Wymer - the artist at work

The artist at work.

Robbi Wymer's Studio

Robbi Wymer's studio space

See more of Robbi Wymer's surrealist and symbolic artworks at Platform72 gallery.

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