Paula Payne's New Works

Paula Payne's New Works

Platform72 artist Paula Payne talks about her inspiration on her latest collection of artworks - inspired by nature and Australian landscapes.

Tell us about your latest adventures.

I have had a very busy year so far and am balancing a number of roles, one of which is working for Flying Arts Queensland.

During 2016 I have conducted many workshops in and around Brisbane as well as being flown into the rural regions three times in the last 6 months. It’s a great experience and I love the landscape of western Queensland.

I work one day per week as a tutor in the Contemporary Australian Indigenous Arts unit at Griffith University.   I tutor in writing, preparing critiques and brainstorming ideas and artworks.

How has working on your thesis influenced your current work?

I am conducting research at the moment as I am about to commence my Doctorate at the Queensland College of Art in visual arts with a painting major. I have thought long and hard about my thesis topic and realized that for many years I have been using the Australian land and sea as influences for my artworks.

My thesis topic, which includes practice-based research is;

"How in contemporary Australian landscape painting can we represent an environment at risk”

My heart lies with the sea - acrylic by Paula Payne

"My heart lies with the sea"

- Acrylic and pigment on canvas, Paula Payne

Ancient Blog Ancestor painting by Paula Payne

"Ancient Bog Ancestor"

- Acrylic and pigment on canvas, Paula Payne

Tell us about the two-day workshop in Barcalden you attended: 

We spend half of our first day down at Lagoon Creek which is full of water, wild flowers and birds, I see my first ever Brolgas there. We collect and draw and take photographs in the environment.

The next day and a half is spent at the over 60s center making grounds on paper, boards, canvas working with tinted gesso and transparent earthy and sky color washes I have made during the demonstrations. 

The 7 participants love this process and then we take a look at John Wolsley and how he works from the environment overlaying botanical images, stains works and we work from the images and objects we have collected from our journey. I advise students to do a number of experiments with a view to coming up with an idea for a major work. 

The participants are working hard and we take time out to have a group chat about what people are doing and discuss ideas. Eventually on the last day we work on our major works. Everyone is excited by now and have discovered a number of new ways of working and have ideas about their direction.

On the last afternoon each artist puts up a display of favorite works and has a mini exhibition that I have documented. People are very excited as they have produced works they would not have before and are very pleased with their results. 

It has been great to work with these ladies and share their stories and lives for a short while. The accommodation and experience of judging the local exhibition has been very rewarding and I feel I have made some new friends.

How through your art practice have you contributed to promoting awareness on environmental issues?

The environment I have chosen responds to an affinity with wetlands and littoral zones where the land meets the sea. I built an eco house in such a place on the outskirts of Brisbane in 1993. I spent many hours in my surf ski investigating estuaries and inlets and learned to understand the changing seasons and the eco systems that feed the ocean.

The influences of my trips to the outback and experiences of living by the waters edge have amounted to a passion for investigating the roles of different environments and eco systems. My paintings are responses to places, weather, and the ancient nature of our country in all its beauty and diversity.

Elemental winds of change









 "Elemental winds of change"

- Acrylic and pigment on canvas, Paula Payne

How were you able to express this in your art?

I paint in a style that relates to ‘magic realism’, as such there is an emphasis on color and mood that express emotive narratives that are implied.

See more of Paula Payne's paintings at Platform72 gallery.

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