Paul Kirk - "Sirens" Solo Show and Studio Visit

Paul Kirk - "Sirens" Solo Show and Studio Visit

I trekked out to the amazing complex, The Armoury in Newington to visit Paul Kirk in his studio.  Paul was busy preparing for his upcoming solo show with us - Sirens, opening Thursday 15th September from 6pm.

Paul's exhibition explores portraiture and light.  He has worked with a number of female Australian artists capturing their portrait in oils.  He then fuses the painting into a three dimensional structure, sometimes adding glass, sometimes adding light.  These additions create eery yet mesmerising portraits capturing the essence of the sitter.

Olivia - artwork by Paul Kirk


Like many artists before him, he was inspired by the Greek mythological concept of the Siren.  The Sirens were beautiful creatures who were also quite dangerous. They would foreshadow death luring sailors towards them with their sweet songs across the ocean breeze only to become shipwrecked.

Ulysses and the Sirens by H.J. Draper

"Ulysses and the Sirens" by H.J. Draper

Paul found that all of the women he was drawn towards to capture all had an "edginess" to them.  These women are all wild yet alluring and potentially dangerous, just like the Siren.

Please join us on Thursday 15th after work to celebrate the launch of this exhibition. 

Here are some sneak peaks from Paul's studio of these incredible works.

Paul Kirk studio

Paul Kirk's studio


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