"Luminous" - Amy Richards Solo Show and Studio Visit

"Luminous" - Amy Richards Solo Show and Studio Visit

After working with Amy Richards for over 4 years, we are thrilled she is finally having a solo show with us! 

We asked her a few questions about her upcoming exhibition.

1. What materials have you used for this upcoming exhibition?

I have moved away from the resin that I have traditionally worked with in the past and have used predominantly ink and acrylics.

2. Why have you moved away from resin?
I have been keen for awhile to experiment with other mediums and surfaces, and love the glazes and richness of colour that you can achieve with ink. I also wanted to move away from resin in part because it is not the most environmentally friendly of materials and I was producing a huge amount of waste with each piece that I worked on. I felt it was time for a change and time to push myself in a new direction, take some risks and to hopefully learn some things along the way - and having a solo show to work towards seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Amy Richards paintings on the works

3. What ideas have you played with in this new show?
For me, the works I have produced for this show have mainly been about discovery. Discovery of working with new materials and playing with different techniques and surfaces and trying to achieve certain effects that I have not been able to do with resin. My aim has been to produce works that are playful and uplifting, whilst at the same time showing balance and harmony in their composition.

Amy Richards artworks on the works

4. There are still the trademark Amy Richards bright pops of colour, what else can we expect to see?
I think you can expect to see a bit more depth in these paintings to those I have done in the past. The glazes and absorption of the ink into the surfaces I have used works very differently to how resin does, and I think this gives the colours a different kind of clarity and intensity than what my previous paintings had.

painting by Amy Richards

5. How do you relate to colour?
Colour plays a very big part in my life, and has from a very young age. When I was about 8, I asked my parents to paint my bedroom bright turquoise, purple and yellow, and I still remember the sense of peace and happiness that I felt whenever I went into that room. I love to surround myself with colour in as many ways as possible, whether it be what I am wearing, or the objects that I choose to fill my house with as for me it has a very big impact on my mood and frame of mind. Working with colour in my paintings is a very intuitive process, and when I'm totally immersed in a piece, the choices that I make in regards to the colours I want to use can generally be connected to how I am feeling at the time.

colourful artwork by Amy Richards

6. Do certain colours make you feel different emotions?
Absolutely, as I think they do for everybody. Blues and greens I think have a strong calming effect, pinks and oranges are often related to excitement and positive emotions, black encourages a more sombre, serious kind of mood. Every colour for me has a very distinct and definite personality.

7. How is the creative process like meditation?
Working on a painting for me, I think is what exercise is like for some other people. It gives me much needed solitary time, and offers me a place where I can contemplate and reflect on things that may have been happening in my life - but at the same time it can also be a way of clearing my mind completely, where my surroundings disappear into the background and all that matters is what I am working on and decisions I am making in regards to that particular piece and how the colours I am working with are making me feel.

Amy Richards at work

8. What qualities does this imbue in the canvas?
I would like to hope that the feeling of pleasure and happiness that I feel when I am painting shines through, as well as a sense of play and experimentation which also both play important roles in how I approach my work.

See more of Amy Richards' colourful artworks at Platform72 store.


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