Statement Pieces - Finding the ONE

Statement Pieces - Finding the ONE

Statement Pieces add serious WOW factor to your home.  They are usually for shared communal spaces, think lounge room, family room, dining room, entrance foyer.  I liken them to the Chanel Haute Couture of art in your home, the most exquisite, the most expensive and the most fantastical.  However sometimes it can be better to start with a Chanel ready to wear jacket or even just a lipstick before committing to or even dreaming of the Haute Couture.

oil painting on linen

"Wanderlust" - Oil on linen (125 x 190 cm) by Catherine Hiller

The Statement Pieces are the ones with serious impact, conversation starters that are a true expression of your personality.  Most of my clients want the Statement Piece first, they've been sitting with a blank wall in their lounge room for months and have finally decided it's time to put art on that wall.  Yet that is always the most difficult place to start on your art journey.

Statement Piece - Oil on Canvas

"Flat Rocks" - Oil on Canvas (137 x 168 cm) by Charles Hebert 

The Statement Piece is also the more serious investment, you should allocate upwards of $2000 for a Statement Piece.  A Statement Piece is also a good option to consider for Art Money - interest free loans for art.  An Art Money Loan can add the amazing artwork into your home now and you get to pay it off over 10 months.

However before you start looking for the Statement Piece, I suggest a few tips:

1. Look around at your home as a whole, where else could art go that would uplift your experience of your home.  Be open minded to finding art for those walls too.  Sometimes the perfect piece for another wall finds you before the Statement Piece and you can miss out on it holding out for The One.

art in lounge

2. To identify these other locations walk around your home and identify sight lines as you move through your space.  As you walk what walls do you see, is it the entry wall as you enter the house, the wall opposite your bedroom door in the hallway, the wall at the top of the stairs.  

art in dining room wall

3. Dipping your toe in to the experience of living with original art is often better started on a smaller scale.  Find an artwork for that other area first, experience the joy of that piece and start to interpret what you like about it, the light, the movement, the colour, where it takes you.  Once you get a feel for how an artwork talks to you, then you can start looking for the Statement Pieces.

Small cityscape artwork

"Barangaroo 11" - Oil on Canvas (26x21 cm) by Ben Morley 

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